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Listat Libraries


Listat Company put years of its experience into range of own libraries that implements basic and common algorithms used in solutions provided by Listat. They were tested, optimized and successfully used in many projects with different level of complexity.

Using such libraries allows to provide high speed of custom development and minimize time, cost and resources.

Considerable economy of time resources is provided by absence of necessity continuous development and testing most common algorithms for: network management, signaling, voice, encryption, coding and decoding, etc.


Using libraries it is good opportunity to reduce considerable scope of a Project and as consequence considerably reduced cost and development time.
Listat company provides its libraries for free to projects where Listat is involved.


Listat grants to Client a worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to use, execute, reproduce, display and distribute Library contents subject to the conditions.

Main conditions:

  • All property rights and intellectual property rights for the Listat Libraries, belongs to Listat;
  • Client must use Libraries ONLY for projects that Listat is involved;
  • Not use the Libraries in such a way that might breach any rights or intellectual property rights.

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