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Custom Software Development


Corporate software produced by well-known vendors covers general demands of consumers. However, almost every company has specific needs, which could not be addressed by boxed software. And usually it is non-trivial task: to customize commercial software for really effective use within particular company:

  • It is possible that company's IT department does not have necessary skills to write plug-ins, macros or custom applications for a new information system. Skills upgrade or third-party consultancy may cost too much.
  • Not all companies have IT department, which can take care about customization.
  • There are particular tasks that cannot be solved with a standard features provided by current version of the application, however could be solved with custom development.

Custom development in this situation is the best possible solution. Listat has been providing custom development services using best practice. Listat will provide you with high quality software development service for competitive price.


Lisat have experience in development for TETRA infrastructures (DAMM/TetraFlex®, Rohde&Schwarz/ACCESSNET®-T, EADS), professional mobile radios (Sepura, Motorola, PMRS, EADS, etc.), network equipments (Digium, Sangoma, Cisco, etc.), telecommunication platform and solutions (Asterisk, Cisco, etc.) in various Projects that were successfully implemented and integrated all over the world.

Company’s specialization on telecommunication, and accumulated experience can ensure high quality of developed solution.

How projects run

Start up

To start up custom development project you need just an idea what the software should do for you. Listat uses strong practices that can turn any good idea into a technical project.

Listat can join customer’s process on any stage. The only necessary condition to start up project is clear technical specification that can be prepared either by the customer or by Listat.


Listat accepts customer's development process and rules (code formatting conventions, documenting requirements, status reporting procedures and so on). If the customer does not apply any requirements to development process then Listat follows its standard development process based on best practices in industry. It means that under any circumstances process will be reliably managed, transparent for the customer and effective.

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