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Interaction with customers

Communication issues

Stable communication between customer and developers is a key issue for project success. Listat uses the following communication channels and facilities to be on-line with the customers:

  • E-mailing — the most popular communication way
  • Phone conferencing using wired lines or IP telephony
  • On-line chatting using GTalk, Skype, and other programs

Listat usually assigns coordinator on each project. The main role of coordinator is to keep connection with the customer on project issues. Coordinator adjusts his daily schedule to be available as much as possible for a direct phone call/on-line chat conversation with customer per working day regardless of time zone differences between the countries.

Customer's privacy control

Chapter about customer's privacy control presents in standard Listat contract form. By default Listat considers all information received from the customer (project documentation, data and software) as confidential.

Listat never publishes any information about any aspect of relations with a particular customer without customer's explicit permission on this (in form of document).

It is a usual practice for Listat to sign special Non Disclosure Agreement document, which states privacy terms issued by the customer.

Project status monitoring

Listat works in scope of formalized and verified development process based on well-know international standards. Many project management routines (such as spent time tracking, project progress tracking and documenting) are automated. In scope of internal software process improvements Listat uses a web-based project management tools. Software keeps all project related information including daily registrations of developers on assigned tasks. Using Project Management Software can generate different types of status/progress reports with any regularity and level of details (per task and employee, per group of tasks, per project). Such reports show real project status based on automatically collected statistics.

Long term technical support for developed products

Listat has developed strong procedure of finished projects archiving. It allows effectively process change-requests and defect reports on products even after a few years after project completion.

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