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Listat provides custom software development solutions for professional telecommunication market. Listat company provides full life-cycle of R&D services. Company’s development principle: on time, on specification, on budget. Listat’s development department collects and translates business requirements into an application or technology solution.

Custom software development

Listat provides full spectrum development services for telecommunication market (TETRA, PMR, DMR, VoIP, etc.), from design, research and development to integration with following support. Also it is possible partial participation in development of existing project.

List of development services:

  • Project estimation
  • Architecture and system design
  • User interface design
  • System implementation
  • Test design
  • System, integration, stress testing
  • System deployment and acceptance
  • Integration with other client systems
  • Document development


Listat re-design legacy software, applications that had been used by companies for many years and had supported organizations unique processes, are often obsolete and needs modification or complete redesign, translation to more efficient platforms that can be easily scaled and maintained.

Listat transforms legacy software into high-performance, easily used applications designed to respond to growing business requirements.

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