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TETRA application and solution development

TETRA Application and solution

Due to company specialization and collected experience in the development of the TETRA applications, Listat provides wide range of solutions for TETRA market:

  • TETRA Dispatching
  • TETRA Incident Management systems
  • TETRA Indoor and Outdoor Positioning systems
  • TETRA Communications monitoring & managing
  • TETRA Data, Messaging, Voice recording
  • TETRA Monitoring, Intercepting
  • TETRA Track & Trace
  • TETRA Billing

TETRA networks integration

Using PMR and radio communication standard TETRA, Listat provides software development, that enhances radio telecommunication systems, makes easier to use and integrate with other networks:

  • Voice and data messaging
  • Networks gateway
    • TETRA over IP
    • TETRA to any network
  • Radio gateways (TETRA to any network via TETRA Radio)
  • etc.

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